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Orangeville Real Estate for March 2013

The average selling price of a detached home in Orangeville for the month of March 2013 was $362,304.00. There were 28 detached homes sold in Orangeville in the March 2013.

Orangeville Real Estate

Orangeville Real Estate house prices have increased over the years.

Orangeville Real Estate For February 2013

When we compare the Toronto MLS sold stats for the month of February 2013 to the month of February 2012 the average sold price of a home has increased by 14.5%. The Orangeville real estate average sold prices for detached homes has also increased. As per the Toronto MLS stats on detached homes the average sold price has increased by 11% for the month of February 2013 compared to February 2012. The Orangeville real estate over all sales for the month of February 2013 was down compared to February 2012. <

January 2013 average sale price in Orangeville

The average sale price in Orangeville for a detached home in January 2013 is around $340,000. In January 2013 Orangeville had 27 over all home sales down from January 2012 which Orangeville had 35 home sales. When we compare the average sale price for a home in January 2012 to January 2013 we noticed an increased by 1.44%.

Orangeville sold prices increase

In 2012 the average sold price of Orangeville homes have increase around 12% compared to 2011.

Buying A home

When someone is shopping for a home they first shop for the neighbourhood, they want to live in. Than they buy the house that is available for sale in that neighbourhood. When you go house hunting it is very helpful to now what area you would like to live in and what area you can afford.

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